I feel, at times, surrounded by ignorance. There is the Mid-Coast “Chirstian” Minister who follows Buddha and Trump at the same time, while carrying on a 10 month affair with another woman (who had ZERO knowledge that he was with someone else), teaching Jesus in the pulpit and stumping for a racist, misogynist president.  He […]

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Threshold Guardians

There is a story of Cuchulain who met the Morrigan, the Celtic god of Poetry, sex and death on the battlefield who had come to Love Cuchulain for tell of his exploits. Cuchulain, unaware he was in the presence of a god, rejected her advances and her help so she instead returned to him her […]

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Spiritual Awakening?

I bought the robes and the walking sticks and the baubles.  I have a great green cape and a smaller cape and another cape.  I have necklaces, earrings and rings.  I have led ritual and I have participated in it.  I have walked in parades and led workshops and worn the garb and bought the […]

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​ I read an article recently that suggested that the term we should use to describe white male privilegists (<–I just made that word up I think…Copyright 2017, Poogieshin Press) is “Douchebag”.  Personally, I love it…I like having something to call someone that so indelibly and symbolically addresses their socio-political proclivities.   Right now, we […]

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Access and Allies

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the term “ally” and what that really means I can use the dictionary of course but a strict definition isn’t really what I’m talking about here.  What I’m thinking about and dwelling on is what the actions of an ally are and how that works where the rubber […]

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In my last post, I talked about the concepts Druidry has of the elements, realms and a personalized view of how that ties into magickal workings with the Spiritual/Mental/Physical piece.  So the next question to me when I was learning was, “how does that tie into the ‘classic’ Pagan elements of Earth, Air, Fire and […]

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Druidry: A Primer

Like most people who practice Druidry, I have my own particular brand that works for me.  The manner in which I weave and craft relationship shares similarities with others but is still unique to me, as it must be for everyone.  When I try to pass on what I have learned, it is always in […]

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